公司生产Molex、Tyco、(AMP)、JST、JAE、HRS、YH、杜邦等型号,各种连接器的插座(Wafer)、插头(Housing)、端子(Terminal)及线束组件, 广泛应用于电脑、通讯、家用电器、无人机、游戏机、智能穿戴、灯饰、汽车、摩托车、医疗器械等各类电子及电器产品。产品符合美国UL、ROHS2.0、REACH环保标准。




经营目标:培养一批经验丰富的研发、管理人才, 加大高精密设备的投入,整合现有的营销体系, 不断完善服务质量,快速不断地推出市场需求的新产品,提高产品市场占有率,提高企业知名度,做客户开心合作伙伴。

DONGGUAN JEU Connector Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer & exporter of precision connectors for the IT industry cycle, its primary business scope including product development, design and manufacturing of precision moulds, injection molding and product assembly and testing of stamping.

Our company was founded in Dongguan of Guangdong province in 2003, and has successively established a factory in Huizhou and set up the Kunshan offices after years’ hard work and unremitting efforts. Nowadays we have 20 sets of mould processing equipment (i.e., precision grinding machine, Electrical Dischagre Machining, wire cutting and milling), 15 sets of production equipment including injection molding machines, high speed automatic presses, and more than 10 sets of quality testing equipment (i.e., optical projectors, 2.5 dimension measuring and drawing force testing machines).

Molex, Tyco, (AMP), JST, JAE, HRS,YH,Dupe Etc. Mate in DongGuan JEU Connector Co.,LTD. , a variety of connector sockets (Wafer), plug (Housing), terminal (Terminal) and wiring harness components, which widely used in computers, telecommunications, home appliances, Drone, game consoles, smart wear, lighting, automobiles, motorcycles, medical equipment and other electronic and electrical products. All of our products meet the United States UL, ROHS2.0 and EU ROHS environmental protection standards.

Although facing of fierce market competition, we still follow operation ideas like that guarantying best quality, controlling cost to the lowest level, making a most reasonable price, punctual delivery and sincere service. Meanwhile, we constantly learn and adopt the advanced mold development experiences and technology from Japan and Taiwan. So it can not only get a place on the vast domestic markets, but also win some foreign portion based upon the excellent management style and some other aforementioned advantages.

Quality policy: We pursue the most excellent quality for each product, and will continuously endeavor full participation in quality improvement to meet customers’ requirements. We strictly carry out the international quality management system (ISO9000: 2015) during each episode of the whole program, from the design and development, procurement, production and storage to shipping to ensure that products can be high quality and timely manner to customers.

Environmental policy: We are strictly compliance with laws and regulations to prevent pollution of manufacturing, and gradually decrease energy conservation to ensure green products. All products are controlled with the ISO14000: 2015 environmental management system and full implementation of lead-free environment-protection policy; therefore,they can meet the EU RoHS standards and part of them could satisfy the green requirements by SONY.

Our business objectives are continuously rushing to purchase more and more market portion, improving profile of the industry and eventually to become a pacesetter in the area. In order to realize these targets, we will constantly cultivate a group of experienced talents for developing product and company management, and increase investment in high-precision equipment. At the same time, the existing marketing systems should be integrated, so that our service must be better and more new sophisticated and market-needed products will spring up.

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